Business Intelligence

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence is a natural progression to the technical services offered by VA Associates. Most of the On Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems, both custom-developed as well as Commercial Off The Shelf, tend to provide operational systems of record. the opportunity to leverage the information from such systems is best realized in data warehouses that are organized with a functional and subject-oriented organization to provide actionable information for both tactical operations personnel as well as strategic senior executive staff.

  • Dimensional Modeling - Star, Snowflake and Hybrid
  • 3NF modeling
  • Data Architecture and Metadata Management
  • Extract, Transform and Load design
  • Data Warehouse Maintenance Window Management
  • Query Design
  • Tool Evaluation and Selection
  • VA Associates' incremental and iterative methodology is aimed at frequent deliverables that are fit for business purpose producing results convergent with organizational priorities.