Oracle Professional Services - Custom Development

The Oracle platform provides different tools for development of applications. This presents a challenge for most customer environments, in that, a proper choice of the tool to be used to achieve a specific business objective needs to be made. This requires that a certain level of technical depth be available to make judicious decisions to not only choose but develop and maintain applications on an ongoing basis.

VA Associates appreciates covers application development in what is currently called the Oracle Internet Developer Suite but also covers other non-Oracle development tools. VA Associates uses the appropriate methodology and the best practices to deliver custom developed applications using the following tools:

  • Oracle JDeveloper - using Application Development Framework (ADF)
  • Application Express (formerly HTMLDB)
  • Oracle Forms
  • Oracle Reports
  • PL/SQL Web toolkit
  • Oracle Designer
  • Oracle Software Configuration Manager
  • Oracle Discoverer
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • PowerBuilder
  • Cold fusion
  • Microsoft Visual Studio

  • VA Associates integrates the needs of the customer environment for custom development and helps transition from legacy mainframes to J2EE/.NET as well as integration using Web services.