Oracle Professional Services - Portal/WebCenter

Social media and networking tools are rapidly transforming user expectations of enterprise systems. The Oracle WebCenter direction for Oracle Portal customers is a progression that VA Associates can assist with.

VA Associates believes that the Oracle Portal is a product and technology that needs to be addressed with its own credence.

VA Associates can help customers derive near term benefits by using Oracle Portal innovatively at either the department level or at a consolidated enterprise level to consistently integrate and present information from disparate sources.

VA associates offers the following Portal services

  • Portal Assessments, Feasibility and Roadmaps including migration strategies to Oracle WebCenter
  • Installation of product
  • Portlet development
  • Document Organization and Management Strategies
  • Single Sign ON Integration with Oracle Internet Directory
  • Integration with applications and enabling workflow
  • Upgrade across versions
  • Tuning
  • Security Analysis and Design

  • VA Associates offers incremental and iterative deployment of portal services to keep the functional end-users participation, patronage and commitment to portal efforts.