Remote Testing Services

So the development on your web application has been done but you cannot release to
production because testing is not done. Not glamorous enough for developers, too
burdensome for functional users? Well, enter VA Associates. We provide dedicated,
independent, remote, on-demand testing services. “Well how does this help me?”, you

VA Associates will:

  • Provide a set of test resources dedicated to functional testing
  • Work with your functional team to trace the requirements through functional testing
  • Store your test cases in our repository
  • Execute manual testing to establish the baseline
  • Record the test sequences for automated testing
  • Replay and execute the test on demand and schedule
  • Log the test outcomes with visual representation
  • Store and forward the logs
  • Notify you at the begin, end and exceptions for each test
  • Well what about security?

    All our resources go through a background check and we can submit their details for
    your internal check.

    How does it work?
    Download our Remote Testing Services Document to find out.