Service Operation

VA Associates brings together People, Process and Technology in alignment with clients' business needs and goals to assist in the design of their Service Management Strategy, with Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) practices at the core of continual process improvement.

Service Level Management:

Service Level Management ensures that all operational services and their performance are measured in a consistent way throughout the IT organization and that the services meet the needs of the business and customers. To accomplish this goal, it negotiates, maintains agreement, and documents IT service targets as well as monitors and produces reports on delivery against the Service Level Agreements.

Capacity Management:

The aim of Capacity Management is to provide the correct capacity in terms of both storage and data processing. It involves a number of concepts: Performance Management, Modeling, Application Sizing, and Capacity Planning.

Availability Management:

The goal of Availability Management is to provide cost-effective and defined levels of service that enable the business to reach its objectives. Availability Management ensures that availability relating to services, components, and resources is measured and adhered to according to previously-established SLAs.