Oracle Professional Services - Tuning

VA Associates offers Tuning services as opposed to Database Tuning or Application Tuning or even Performance Tuning. VA Associates believes that tuning is a holistic activity that needs to address all aspects of the organization. These may include technical as well as non-technical areas.

VA Associates can help customers derive near term benefits by using Oracle Portal innovatively at either the department level or at a consolidated enterprise level to consistently integrate and present information from disparate sources.

VA Associates address tuning from the entire spectrum of

  • Business processes
  • Organizational goals and objectives
  • Expectation Management
  • Application Tuning
  • Database Tuning
  • Application Server Tuning
  • Network tuning
  • Hardware tuning
  • VA Associates believes in the dictum that tuning should be aimed at efficiency in conjunction with speed, otherwise you only make inefficient processes fast.