Advisory Services

Service Oriented Architecture Strategy

Service Oriented Architecture has become something that evokes strong emotions between its practitioners and its detractors.

VA Associates has been an effective evangelist of SOA done right.

We believe every organization has already adopted SOA. The only difference is where in the continuum they are.

VA Associates observations have led to the conclusions that most leaders in organizations believe that SOA is the right thing to do, but have not seen it executed appropriately.

VA Associates has a deep understanding of the confluence of business needs, technology directions and organizational challenges.

VA Associates uses disciplined methodologies to mitigate risks in approaching newer and ever-changing needs.

Enterprise Architecture

Architecture has always been a strong and underlying principle for delivering services. VA Associates has driven its engagements with this approach pre-dating the formal announcement of initiatives such as the Federal Enterprise Architecture.  VA Associates has understood and appreciated the Strategic as well as the Tactical need for architecture.

VA Associates aims to assist the Federal Government customer in aligning its programs with Business Reference Model, Performance Reference Model, Data Reference Model, Service Reference Model and Technical Reference Model.

The following service activities play a role in help in achieving the enterprise architecture goals:

  • Business Process Modeling and Re-engineering

  • Data Architecture and Modeling

  • Metadata Management

  • Integration Design

  • Systems Architecture

  • Capacity Planning

  • Change Management

Business Process Analysis

Most organizations, when they start automation or upgrade efforts, are starting with assumptions that are dated. VA Associates believes that the opportunity to correct the inefficiencies in the organization and its business functions are key to getting value from their resources.

However, most efforts to capture business process tends to be in static word processor documents which must then be used by technologists to provide automated systems.

Allow VA Associates to show you how we can capture your business flows in a single active repository that may then be used by various phases in development, testing and maintenance of automated systems.

Business process solutions start with their capture via Use Cases, translating the Use Cases into Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) diagrams using off-the-shelf workflow tools. These tools also allow a customized user interface to support the workflow of the business application.

VA Associates uses self governance throughout the process to maintain a single entry point for all changes.

Business Intelligence

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence is a natural progression to the technical services offered by VA Associates. Most of the On Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems, both custom-developed as well as Commercial Off The Shelf, tend to provide operational systems of record. the opportunity to leverage the information from such systems is best realized in data warehouses that are organized with a functional and subject-oriented organization to provide actionable information for both tactical operations personnel as well as strategic senior executive staff.

  • Dimensional Modeling - Star, Snowflake and Hybrid

  • 3NF modeling

  • Data Architecture and Metadata Management

  • Extract, Transform and Load design

  • Data Warehouse Maintenance Window Management

  • Query Design

  • Tool Evaluation and Selection

VA Associates' incremental and iterative methodology is aimed at frequent deliverables that are fit for business purpose producing results convergent with organizational priorities.